Creatine and Piracetam – Well Researched and Documented

Many people who utilize nootropic compounds have a liberal philosophy, which can often seem like they are trying anything to see what might stick. While this is not necessarily a bad strategy, it does come with its drawbacks and dangers. Over the past few years plenty of individuals have gone to the hospital for taking new drugs that have yet to be fully researched or understood. There are even some who have died from high doses of certain drugs.

The vast majority of individuals who are interested in nootropics take a different and much more pragmatic approach. Trying the products that have some historical research is often the best bet. Many products in the nootropic world can be useful, but making sure you test each one that you use will provide better benefits.

Creatine for Cognitive Enhancement

There are few products that have been as well researched as creatine. Even though most people would consider this to be the domain of a bodybuilder or gym “bro”, there is plenty of science to prove that creatine is useful for the brain as well. Some fMRI studies showed that users of creatine could benefit from short-term memory enhancement. Even though the studies are not conclusive on short-term memory, there is far more evidence on neurological protection and long-term memory.

For the elderly and vegetarians/vegans especially, creatine can be a powerful tool. Most creatine comes from meat and other animal products, which means those without the proper diet are lacking in this molecule. Given that it can help provide more ATP for the brain, it is imperative to get this supplemented if you are deficient. Getting the 5 grams recommended daily is the equivalent of 2.5 pounds of red meat; few people eat that much!

Sometimes people will combine creatine monohydrate with other products, such as fenugreek, but it can be used by itself for cognitive enhancement purposes. Anyone with brain trauma should consider utilizing this as it can reverse some of the neurological decline associated with toxicity from brain injuries.

Adding Piracetam for Brain Enhancement

As well as creatine, a line of drugs called “racetams” have been studied for over 4 decades. Since 1973, piracetam has been one of the most important drugs for improving memory. There are many people across the globe who are using piracetam in order to improve their neurological connections and preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and a variety of other age related neurological problems.

If you are looking for some type of product that will help you to improve memory, getting piracetam can be the safest and most effective according to the studies. For additional energy and anti-fatigue, try something like creatine. Combined, they will provide a powerful nootropic stack that is not only useful, but also highly rooted in scientific research. Rather than trying many of the myriad drugs on the market today, you will be taking something far more researched and hopefully useful.

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