Out of the most famous racetams within the family, oxiracetam is one of the newest to be discovered. While it has ample research since the early 1990s, it is not as old as others like piracetam and aniracetam. It is well known as a nootropic drug that can improve memory, but it is also useful as a potent stimulant.

The most studies on oxiracetam seem to indicate it is very useful for neuro protection in trauma or age related neuronal loss. The studies performed on animals showed that cognitively impaired rats could vastly reduce neurological decline and in some cases even reverse and repair it.

How Does Oxiracetam Work?

Much like other racetam analogues in the family, the mode of action is not entirely known. Some researchers believe oxiracetam can increase cellular ATP (energy), which obviously has plenty of benefits. This process may be similar to the cognitive effects of creatine on the brain. There are other theories that pose NMDA receptor action as the main mechanism of action for oxiracetams enhanced capabilities.

The other racetams seem to also improve oxygen and acetylcholine utilization in the brain, which can be another method oxiracetam helps the human brain. With increased blood flow, there are several possible modes of action to improve cognition.

All of these different modes of action might be responsible for improving cognitive abilities in humans, but some might be more pronounced in individuals than others. It is up to each person to see which one is going to provide the greatest cognitive enhancement.


Studies of Oxiracetam

Because oxiracetam is not one of the oldest racetams within the family of drugs it is not the most well known. So far the most research has focused on the effects that this drug has for improving memory and cognitive abilities in impaired individuals (whether animals or humans).

One test showed that mice who were given oxiracetam had no cognitive impairment when they usually would be unable to complete some of the prescribed mazes. Other tests looked at spatial memory and studied whether amnesia was common among the animals who were administered oxiracetam.

Oxiracetam studies showed that dosing of the drug should be done with more care than piracetam. While it is always better to take the recommended dosage of any drug, piracetam is a less potent analogue in the family. The relatively low number of side effects or problems with toxicity that come with piracetam are not the same with oxiracetam.

Even though oxiracetam is relatively safe, it is so potent that it can be dangerous in higher quantities. Just start off with the doses recommended and you will avoid the negative side effects of the drug.

Oxiracetam and Choline

The entire line of racetams work very well with choline because of the increased acetylcholine uptake and utilization. The oxiracetam is extremely potent and thus utilizes a lot of acetylcholine similar to that of aniracetam, which is why choline supplementation is often needed. Even though everyone does not need the choline, starting with a small dosage might be useful if you do not eat a high quantity of eggs or organ meats.

Sometimes there are oxiracetam side effects that include headaches, which are most often caused by a lack of acetylcholine in the brain. This can be remedied by supplementing with different types of choline. The best types for usage with racetams (for the purpose of increasing brain acetylcholine) are alpha GPC and CDP choline. The choline bitartrate and lecithin are poor sources of acetylcholine for the purpose of improving memory and cognition. Higher quantities can be useful if required, however.

Oxiracetam as a Stimulant

A lot of people use caffeine as a stimulant in order to feel more awake and alert, but it can have other unintended consequences that are not as positive. Some people have adrenal fatigue or burnout from drinking too much coffee and taking caffeine supplements. In contrast, oxiracetam is a very high quality stimulant that can improve your memory at the same time.

Due to the relatively quick absorption and low bioavailability, the oxiracetam enters the blood stream very quickly and immediately has an effect on the mind. This often leads to stimulating effects, which many people find very valuable with oxiracetam.

This is one of the reasons why people combine piracetam and oxiracetam for longer term memory enhancement with a short-term stimulant boost. For people that are tired of becoming tolerant to caffeine, this might be a good option for you to use as a stimulant.


Oxiracetam as a Cognitive Enhancer

There are many different types of nootropics to start with and each individual must determine what seems to be the best drug. However, oxiracetam is a very high quality smart drug for anyone that is looking to improve memory in a relatively safe way.

Combining oxiracetam with choline can also be a great way to get exponential benefits from the drug. Try to test the recommended dosage and see what will work best for you for both stimulation, neuro protection, and memory enhancement.